For the exploring Rubanga forest with a close canopy past arrangements which have to be made with Uganda Wildlife Authority workers at Lake Mburo. This is what we do for our clients who are interested in a forest. The forest is also a good place for birders and it has got over 40 bird species that have been recorded in the forest including the five forest specialists. The trees that are found in this forest include; Platycaluz and Markhamia, palm, acacia. The fig trees and many more.

The forest also gives many habitants that are great for the birds which makes it so special for the bird watchers. There are also 40 bird species in Rubanga, making 5 of them being specialists. The common birds found here include; the harrier hawk, shoebill stork, the narina trogn, green pigeon, the double toothed barbet and the grey backed cameroptera.