Things to Ask your Uganda safari company or tour operator to include on your trip to Lake Mburo

The park in Uganda is nearest to savanna wildlife part to Kampala. It’s the only savanna park in western Uganda were you can find the Giraffes, and the zebras. The lodges here range from Budget to Luxury. This is also the only park where you will be able to hike throughout the park, were you will enjoy mountain biking and Horse riding tours in and outside the park. This is unbelievable, little park as well as the perfect place for the wildlife safari of about 2 or 3 days of enjoying the African Wilderness in Uganda.

There are many tourists to Uganda that would like to enjoy the African wild and only have a day or two spending their time in Uganda. The top things to do and view in this park is the wildlife. This is also a good place where one can break the journey from western Ugandan parks like Mgahinga Gorilla Park or the Bwindi impenetrable Forest National park.

This lake is also a hint of African wild and is also a short distance off the main road in Uganda, this is a peaceful and calm park that is easily accesses and gives a real taste of the African Wild. It’s also known that this national park is well covered by the wetland swamps as well as the lakes that are part of a big wetland system which extends beyond the national park. You can also enjoy the savannah grasslands that is filled with the acacia trees, forested ravines as well as the rocky ridges. The wildlife has been recovered in the recent years with the lions coming back and in case you miss seeing them in the daytime, you can then hear the roar at nighttime. Also in the year 205, the giraffes were brought here from Murchison falls National park which made Mburo a more fantastic destination. There are many reasons to visit Lake Mburo and enjoy many tourist activities that are carried out.