Rwonyo Rest Camp

This is a budget lodge that is located in the park. It’s well managed by UWA and was constructed using the local materials like the thatched grass and wood that gives a true African adventure. Many wild animals come around this camp to give the visitors a chance to view game without going on a game drive.

rwonyo rest camp

This camp has bandas as well as tented rooms that are well furnished and the bandas are built inform of wooden hats and have got shared showers and the tented rooms are also built on an elevated wooden platforms and have got private showers. The Rwonyo tents are a bit more expensive compared to the bandas. You will be given space were you will pitch your own tent. For those who want to hire tents, they can get them from many companies together with other camping facilities. The Rwonyo rest camp is so ideal for the good place for the budget travelers.