The Rwakobo Rock

This is an eco- friendly, family hotel as well as restaurant that is located on the scenic edge of Lake Mburo National park. It’s also a beautiful and a private retreat that offers 9 fantastic cottages that are scattered around a big granite out crops, taking the advantage of the rocky ledges as well as the private corners. These cottages have got the solar lights, flush toilets, drinking water as well as the solar heated showers.

rwaboko rock


The lodge restaurant and the bar also overlook the lake and have the added attraction of the drinking hole where the animals can be seen. The restaurant also makes tasty homemade foods and also cares for the vegetarians as well as other dietary needs.  You will have both Ugandan and western flavors which will be go tasty.

The well-stocked bar will give a range of the cold beers as well as the soft drinks, wines and the spirits. Coffee and tea can also be enjoyed from the bar. There are also charging facilities, wifi connections with in the main area.

Situated with in the Ankole ranchlands on the edge of Lake Mburo national park, this Rwakobo rock also gives calmness and activity. Apart from the stunning views of this large green terrain as well as the mountains in the distance, this hotel is visited by the zebras, bushbuck, impalas, and warthogs. You can look also look out for them at the waterhole under the dining area.

There are also guided game drives as well as the walking safaris around Lake Mburo National park, there are also night game drives where hyenas, leopards and the porcupines can be spotted after the dark. The visitors can also go for a boat trip on the lake, visit the local bahima people as well as game driving by the bicycle. You will also be able to watch out for the birds that are found in the area,

The thatched en suite cottages are also present and are dotted everywhere all over the hill and you will take advantage of the private and fantastic area. The hornbill house also has 5 en suite rooms and each has got a private verandah and the safari tents are also available. You can enjoy a meal with a mixture of Ugandan and western tastes at the restaurant that overlooks Lake Mburo National park as you will also watch the sun as it does down with a drink in your hand.

The main hotel highlights

  • Located on the edge of lake Mburo National park
  • The hotel is also devoted to conservation lake Mburo ecosystem
  • The guests can also relax and do enjoy the safari
  • The activities available include; walking, boating, biking tours as well as night drives
  • There are variety of accommodation present for the travelers
  • The restaurants look out to the waterhole that is visited by the wildlife.
  • The restaurants have WIFI all over the area.

The Rwakobo rock is also located on the edge of the lake in the Ankole ranchlands. You can read a book on the private veranda as you watch the sun come up or go down from the hammock, you can also go on a tour around the hotel as well as the national park.