Nature walks in Lake Mburo National Park

This national park is also open to the walkers as well as they are followed by the ranger guide. At Rwonyo, the guided walk will lead you to the salt lick where you will find many animals that are attracted to the salty rocks. The walks on the western side of this lake usually begin at 7am and will take 2 hours, you will meet many animals including the hyenas that are returning to their dens as well as the hippos coming from the lake. The hikes that go through the woodland that give you a chance to see the forest birds and mammals and the walk to the top of the hill will reward you with the spectacular view of 9 of the region’s 14 lakes.

lake mburo nature walk uganda

The Rubanga forest will provide the walkers with bird sightings and this might be visited by the prior arrangement and also in company of a ranger. It’s advisable to book all the walks in advance.

The hiking breakfast in Lake Mburo with a Ugandan Wildlife Authority Ranger, you will also have the right clothes, the equipment’s as well as the packed lunch, these should be with you by the day of hiking with Lake Mburo National park. The day pack includes; 2 liters of water, a picnic lunch which you will have as you sit on the ridge with a good view of the national park.

With the clothes, you need to carry the wellies or the boots, the long trousers, the long sleeved shirts. The good clothing for the hiking safari in the bush is for protection against the brush, the thorns, and also against the snake bites, tsetse flies, mosquitoes, ants and the flies. The hiking boots are also necessary and these give you the ankle support as well as protection.

The wilderness is not a place for the flip flops or the common sandals but for the good hiking boots. You might also need a light rain jacket for the day.

You will begin the day with this guided hike to the salt lick, then hike to the top of the hill where you will be able to view the 9 of the great region lakes as you will enjoy lunch including the mammals and the birds both on the hill and on the hike up to it.

The hike in Rubanga forest will need a special permission from the warden, this is a forest that is of much interest to the birders in more particular

The national park has got nature walks that can be taken anywhere in the park with an armed guide of Uganda Wildlife Authority. You will be able to come across hyenas that are coming from their dens after night of being on the prowl. You will also see the hippos that are returning from grazing during the night and these can be returning to the park in order to keep cool during the day and also protect their delicate skin from the sun. You will see some zebras, eland, topis, giraffes, antelopes, birds, buffaloes as well as the butterflies. You will also take the trail nto the top of the hills and view Lake Mburo and beyond. You will view the 9 of the regional lakes that are found in the area.