The Mantana Tented Camp in Lake Mburo National park

This camp is a tented camp where you will be able to discover Uganda in the far distance with the recent facilities that include; en suite bath. This is also a classic tent with only 9 that are well set on the wooden platforms and each of the great view of the park. The camp has also got a solar for you and you can have hot showers after a long day.

This camp is also less priced per night and it’s an up market tented camp that served for many years and has shown consistent and reliable lodging facilities in the park. Dinning is also in the main part of the park and the lake itself, as you have breakfast, lunch, or dinner, you might have a chance to view some wildlife species below you in the park.

lake mantana camp

Food is well prepared and there are both local and international dishes that can be served using the best freshest ingredients from the local suppliers and each dish is prepared with a Ugandan touch. The lodge has a well comfortable sitting Area at the main lodge where you can enjoy cold drinks from the bar. You can also sit on the deck of your tent as you look at night and then go to sleep and get awaken to the great sounds of the African wild.

The camp is much preferred and is a perfect spot where you can spend an overnight in order to break the long journey to or from Bwindi impenetrable forest for your gorilla trek and many other activities. Within the park, you can enjoy many activities including; nature walks, bike riding, hikes, Boat Lake, salt lick where you can see many animals in the park. The giraffes and the lions are also found in Lake Mburo national park in Uganda. You will also stay at this park at this lodge that overlooks the park as well as the lakes that are found in the park.  This lodge has got great views, great food as well as good service. This lodge is so welcoming and gives the guests what they need.