Lake Mburo Safari Lodge

This lodge gives more choices to the visitors in the park. Many visitors have used the lodge for a good budget. It’s a moderate priced lodge with value and gives that value to its guests. The lodge is a private thatched cottage that includes the family cottage and the honeymoon cottage. All the lodge wooden platforms and the decks overlook the park. You will find the locally made hand crafted furniture, the king sized beds, wardrobes and the mosquito nets inside the rooms.

lake mburo safari lodge

These cottages are en suite with bath that includes showers as well as tubs, each of the cottage has a sense of privacy in the bush with a deck were you can sit and take in the African wilderness around you. Just in between the game drives, boat cruises and the nature walks, you can relax on your deck with in the main lodge that shares with others.

There is also the honeymoon cottage that has a kitchen, a fridge and the coffee makers. The meals here are served well in the main lodge where you will find the bar to be able to have a drink. The restaurant will give you all the best dishes as well as meet the dietary needs.