Fishing in Lake Mburo National park

Lake Mburo has around 6 species of fish with Tilapia being the most common one. The most fishing spot is at Mazinga; the visitors that are planning to carry out fishing here should bring their own equipment and then get a permit from Uganda wildlife Authority.

fishing in uganda

Uganda as a country is a perfect destination with one third of the country covered by water, so there is a great chance of practicing sport fishing. Sport fishing is also carried out on Lake Victoria as well as Murchison falls national park. The Nile perch fishing with in Lake Victoria is incredible. About 108kg have been stuck below the falls in Murchison falls. Apart from the Nile perch, the other fish types include; catfish of over 50kg, Tilapia, the tiger fish, Ngara, ferocious fighter and the barbell.

Sport fishing in Murchison falls national park is mainly done at the foot hills of the falls. Fishing is either from the rocks on the bank of the river or the lower downstream with in the pools from the boat.  The access to the fishing spots is also either by boat from the downstream or by walking down the gorge towards the river from the top of the falls. This steep climb back up and many people also tend to go fishing well equipped for the day in order to avoid hiking up in the heat of the day.

Fishing Lakes

This national park has got 5 lakes inside and this makes it a total of over 12 lakes in the general area of the park. Lake Mburo is also the largest of all and the fisher men come to this lake to fish as well as the visitors to Lake Mburo can carry out some fishing and then later arrange to have the fish well prepared at the lodge where they are staying. There are also 6 species of fish that are found here and tilapia being the main specie of choice. Sport fishing can also be carried out since we can obtain a license or you. We can also arrange the fishing gear and also be in place when you arrive in the park as you embark on your lake fishing experience. The main designated fishing spots are at Mazinga, and it’s safe along Lake Mburo and you don’t have to worry about the hippos and crocodiles.