Eagle’s Nest Lodge

This lodge is found in just near Lake Mburo national park and it’s the smallest park in Uganda that has the largest number of wild animals as well as birds and the most common animals found here are the zebras. It’s located on the hill that borders Lake Mburo Park and it gives very excellent views of the park. The whole park is well visible when you are at this lodge.

eagles nest lodge

Within the middle of the camp is the reception, bar, restaurant as well as the bar building. As you have your dinner, you will be hearing the sounds of the bush, the roaring lions, grunting bush pigs, and crickets. The lodge also offers 10 tents with private bath rooms and the eco toilets and the bush showers. These tents are well furnished with the twin beds and have got solar lights and the charging systems for the visitors to charge the cameras, you will just sit at veranda and view the beautiful lake and its habitant game. For each and every visitor, have morning breakfast that will be followed by the coffee as well as tea. Then you will have a game drive to view the morning raisers that return to their hiding places. You will view many animals including; the zebras, impalas, kobs, the hippos, kobs and many more.

This lodge is situated on the high ridge and it’s a budget lodge in Lake Mburo National Park. You will be able to view the park and they will not even charge you an extra amount for it. The rooms consist 12 tents with beds and the solar lights in them. The tents are also covered with thatched roof that protects you from the rain during the rainy season and from the equatorial sun. The floor is also made of stone.

There is also a breeze that blows since you are on the ridge that will add to your comfort. Each tent has got a unique bath room with an eco- friendly toilet as well as the bush showers with hot water ready for you to bathe. More so each and every tent has got its own veranda where you can sit and enjoy the scenery as you have a morning cup of coffee as the sun rises and sundowner towards sunset in the evening.

The lodge has got a restaurant that breakfast, lunch as well as cold drinks that can be ordered throughout the day. Dinner time is always so special since a fire is prepared in order to cook dinner in the African pots and you can also smell the food being prepared as you sit around the campfire. This is one of the low priced lodge in the park which represents affordability, good food and the wonderful view.