The Cultural experience in Lake Mburo National park

UCOTA is in partnership with UWA which is Lake Mburo National Park in the last one year and over 13 community groups have been identified around Lake Mburo National park and these would be trained under the African wildlife Foundation and its partners program, tourism for the biodiversity. These groups were also taken through the five module training; the community based tourism concept development, community tourism Operations planning, community tourism business planning , community tourism marketing and sales and product development as well as community tourism tour planning and interpretive guiding.  9 of these 13 groups completed the training successfully and were given certificates.  Visit Lake Mburo on this 7 day safari in Uganda to experience gorillas and culture in Uganda Some of these enterprises can provide a community experience to the tourists hence giving the community added revenue to improve their livelihood, there will also be increased efforts on conservation as well as social development. All these 9 groups have got 294 members and below are the 9 community tourism enterprises and their own activities.

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  • The Rwenjeru campsite also gives the traditional cattle watering adventure, processing off the organic foods and juices as well as the watering experience.
  • The Ankole cultural community tourism group will take you through the process off milk chumming and the ghee making safari, making of local hand crafts, as well as the village walks. These also do tree planting as a way of conserving the environment.
  • The Igongo cultural institute gives a safari of the cultural museum, which shows the culture of the south western region of Uganda. The culinary tour includes cooking of the traditional millet bread as well as the process of Eshabwe which is the local mayonnaise, the preparation of milk chumming and the traditional dances.
  • The Rwabarata Drama group, you can come and enjoy an ancient Banyankole traditional dance called Ekitaguriro which is danced during the festivities.
  • About the Rwammuhuka hand craft makers, these carry out hand crafts and sell them for money
  • The Ssana Community Lodge which offers very basic accommodation facilities as well as camping sites.
  • The famous Nshara community tourism group that operates a hand craft shop, nature walks, the camping site as well as the cultural walks, you can as well as spot some wildlife and birds.
  • There is also the Rubale fishing community that gives fishing adventures as well as the traditional fish processing tour.
  • The masha community wildlife Forum also gives the traditional bee keeping tour as well as the nature walks.

UCOTA has also continued to allow the communities to be victors of sustainable tourism since they hold all the aspects that are geared towards active responsible tourism with in the area and Uganda at large that is UCOTA objectives.