Even though, some of the park’s resident species were killed to extinction in the past years, and the government’s action of gaze ting the park in 983 as a national game reserve remained. The animals like the lions had also been feared to extinction from the park and have been seen moving around the savannah plains. However Lake Mburo’s future has made brighter by the introduction of the giraffes that had gone into extinction 50 years ago.

UWA, with the support from Kenya wildlife society, moved 15 Rothschild’s giraffes from Murchison falls National Park to Kampala’s nearest national park, the Lake Mburo. These giraffes successfully reached in the park by the end of last month and they are ready for viewing.

As of UWA, the recent translocation is also objected at making sure the survival of these endangered species given there are a few of these animals left in the world. Moving of these animals to another new park will also ensure that there is a smaller number which is easier to keep the tabs on, and their own movements, general welfare and health that will be more monitored.

Rothschild’s Giraffe

This translocation exercise is an initiative towards achieving the ecological balance with in Murchison falls National Park. This park has got over 900 giraffes, and the fight of resources among the giraffes, most especially food is to reduce. There is also less stress on the vegetation of Murchison that will enable the high regeneration of the flora on which these giraffes can feed.

Subsequently, these giraffes also feed on the acacia woodland vegetation and it’s known that in future, some of the scenic areas in the park as well as the diverse biomes  that have been unseen will be undid for the tourists. Therefore, with this park of Mburo, many of the parks animals, that have for long favored the nearby farmlands, that will return to the park. The grazers especially the zebras like the excellent flat area, which has short vegetation cover that allows them to see the rival carnivores from a far distance, and therefore sneakily plan an escape. And for those who have ever toured Lake Mburo, this looks like the perfect time to plan another safari since with the introduction of the Rothchild’s giraffes, which are the whispers of the wild that have defined Lake Mburo and are then getting louder.

About the Rothschild’s giraffe

It’s named after the tring Museum’s founder called Walter Rothschild, this giraffes has also come to be known as Uganda giraffe since there are only 1,600 Rothschild’s giraffes are left in the whole world. There are only 800 that are in the wild and the biggest population of them is found in Uganda. There unique feature on this animal is the ossicones on its head. This is also the only sub species to be born with over 5 ossicones. It has over 6 meters, which is about 20 ft.

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